Legacy Real Estate, Investments & Funding LLC
currently has the following opportunities:

1) Sponsor Investor - Investor makes smaller investments with Legacy for acquisition.  This is a short term investment ranging from 6 months to 18 months.  This investor often makes double digit returns on their investment (ROI).

2) Debt Investor - Investor is the primary lender for a project.
This is a mid term investment ranging from 24 months to 60 months with a fixed ROI secured by the income producing asset and other assurances.

3) Equity Investor - Investor is a passive investor that shares in the monthly cash flow and/or resale profits.  ROI term may depend on specific project and length of renovation and/or repositioning.  The Equity Investor may or may not participate in management decisions of the asset management team.

Legacy Real Estate continually makes offers on income producing assets in emerging markets.  Therefore, if an investor would like to see a list of current investment opportunities, the investor must first show that they are an accredited investor by filling out the online qualification form on our Investors tab before receiving a list of current investment opportunities.  This assures us that we are staying in compliance with all SEC regulations.  This protects you in that are registering to receive all relevant investment information to allow you to make an informed investment decision.

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